5 Easy Steps To Maintain Your Solar Panels During Harmattan

5 Easy Steps To Maintain Your Solar Panels During Harmattan

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The season of Harmattan brings a unique charm to Nigeria, but for solar panel owners, it can cast a shadow on energy productivity. The culprit? Dust. These fine particles settle on panels, acting like tiny curtains, blocking precious sunlight and reducing your system’s output by 5-30%
Here’s how to maintain your solar panels during Harmattan 

How Does Harmattan Affect Your Solar panels:

Harmattan dust isn’t just aesthetically unpleasant. It settles on your solar panels, obstructing sunlight and impacting energy generation. This translates to low power output, higher electricity bills and reduced reliance on solar power, especially in areas with heavy dust concentrations.

Why Cleaning the Panel Is Important

The key to maximizing your solar output during Harmattan lies in regular cleaning. Removing accumulated dust allows your panels to capture the maximum amount of sunlight, ensuring optimal performance.

DIY Cleaning for Light Dust:

For light dust buildup, you can tackle cleaning yourself. Remember safety first:

  • Work during cool hours: Avoid midday heat to prevent burns.
  • Turn off your system: Ensure the inverter is off for safety.
  • Use appropriate tools: Opt for soft brushes, sponges, or microfiber cloths with clean water. No harsh chemicals or abrasives!
  • Work top-down: Start at the topmost panel and clean down to avoid redepositing dust.
  • Maintain a safe distance: Stay clear of electrical connections and high-voltage components.

When DIY Isn’t Enough:

For heavy dust accumulation or if you prioritize convenience and expertise, consider professional cleaning services. Uwana Energy offers:

  • Expert technicians: Trained professionals handle your panels with utmost care.
  • Specialized equipment: High-quality tools and cleaning solutions remove dust effectively and safely.
  • Convenient scheduling: Flexible options minimize disruption to your energy production.
  • Peace of mind: Enjoy professional service and transparent communication from a trusted provider.

Beyond Cleaning: Additional Maintenance Tips:

  • Visual inspection: Regularly check for physical damage like cracks or loose connections.
  • Monitor performance: Track your system’s output and address any significant drops promptly.
  • Keep surroundings clear: Eliminate vegetation growth or nearby obstructions that might shade your panels.

Improve Productivity with Uwana Energy:

By following these tips and partnering with Uwana Energy for professional cleaning, you can ensure your solar panels perform at their best during Harmattan and throughout the year. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you tap the power of the sun, season after season!

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