We Were Shining at The Lagos Popup

Hi guys!

Hope we had a pleasant weekend!

We are excited to announce our partnership with The Circle, a trusted membership club in Lagos for their upcoming “Energy Week”.

During this special week, members can enjoy a free virtual & physical energy audit of your homes at your earliest convenience, from professional engineers. This helps determine & recommend the best clean energy solution for them based on your budget and location. They can then spread the payments with monthly instalments starting from just 30k for constant, clean energy!

It takes 2 minutes to submit details about your energy consumption on (https://uwanaconnect.com) and see how much solar can save you.

They also discounted the prices of some of our energy products for all members https://thecircleng.com/utilities/uwana-energy/ so grab that while stocks last!

As a member of The Circle, this is just one of the many free benefits they receive as part of their monthly subscription. They are committed to providing you with exclusive perks and experiences that enhance your lifestyle and make your membership increasingly valuable.

Sign up for The Circle and enjoy!

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© 2023 Uwana Energy. Copyright and rights reserved